20 Years of Advanced Custom Excel Programming -
even for Microsoft


After 20 years, multiple awards, and prominent positioning/bundling within Microsoft Office, we can safely say we're Excel experts. If your organization suffers from redundant high-error data entry, poor programming, or wants to forgo the high expense and opportunity cost associated with mastering complex Excel programming, we can help.


Why should Village build your model?

- We're affordable. We often complete in weeks what might take your organization months to do. The salaries and opportunity cost you would have had rarely exceed the cost of having us do the job for you.

- We're experts. We've been doing this for 20 years. For us, there is no learning curve. We've built hundreds of applications and have pushed Excel to the limits. If it can be done, we can do it.

- We're local. Located in the heart of Boston, MA, we can personally service the Northeast and never outsource our work. For you that means greater reliability and security.


Our specialties:

+ advanced financial and quantitative programming

- valuation

- bond pricing

- option pricing

- corporate financial models

+ time tracking / project billing systems

+ manufacturing process tracking, with barcode printing/scanning

+ advanced automation & VBA programming



Village Software custom projects can run as low as $1,500.


Contact us for a proposal:

Phone: +1.617.695.9332

Email: "keithm" at "villagesoft" dot com



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