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Village Software is a custom software development company serving the needs of small- and medium-sized business enterprises. Village is recognized for its expertise in building web and Microsoft Office based data management and reporting tools.


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Village Software was founded in 1991 by Ford Cavallari, a former Director of Marketing at Lotus. Within two years, Village Software established itself as the leader in Lotus 1-2-3 add-on solutions, soon winning 10 of PC World’s top 21 add-ons (including 9 of the top 10!). Today Village focuses its operations in three key areas: small business products, industry specific solutions, and services & customization.


Excel Spreadsheet Solutions

Village sells more than thirty different powerful spreadsheet solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. All small business products can be downloaded from this website. The product line includes many award-winning products (reviewed by leading publications such as PC World Magazine, Success Magazine, Access/Office/VB Advisor Magazine, the New York Times, etc.).


Village was chosen by Microsoft to develop spreadsheets for Excel. Village developed all built-in Excel templates that were distributed by Microsoft with Excel 97, 98 (on the Mac), and 2000.


Industry Specific Solutions

In partnership with key players in specific industries, Village develops enterprise-level solutions to solve the particular challenges encountered in several industries. All our industry specific solutions are information management and reporting systems designed to improve operational efficiency in organizations. Village has industry specific solutions developed for non-profit organizations, equipment rental companies, kiosk owners and operators, and electrical contractors. Please refer to our industry specific solutions section for more information.


Customization Services

Village Software also provides customized development services to clients ranging from 1-person businesses to global corporations. We specialize in custom workflow and reporting solutions. Our developers and specification experts will work with you to clearly understand your challenge, and to architect, construct, and install a solution that will solve the problem.


Village Software offers service and support in all phases of the development process. Our experts know the custom development process and understand what is required to make this process significantly less time-consuming. Village Software, Inc. boasts over fourteen years of industry experience and expertise. In addition to our diverse skill sets, we have an extensive code library that enables us to deliver a timely, cost-effective and efficient solution both faster and cheaper than our competition.


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