Our Customers

Village Software has a long history in developing customized business solutions for various customers ranging from very small businesses to corporate giants like Microsoft, Duracell, and Lexus. Thousands of customers around the world benefit from products developed by Village Software. For example, the templates we developed for Microsoft Excel help people perform day-to-day tasks like generation of invoices, maintenance of employee data sheets, and budget planning with ease.


Our commitment to excellence in innovation and quality of service has led many small and medium sized enterprises to rely on us in developing sophisticated customized business solutions. Over the years, Village Software has gained an outstanding reputation for successfully developing and implementing cost-effective custom industry solutions. Village Software is strongly committed to developing flawless solutions and we offer excellent customer service. In fact, after doing a first project with us, about 75% of our customers return with new projects for us.


We have representative clients from all over the world and consider quality the most fundamental aspect of our businesses philosophy. Our customers include...



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