Report Connector


What is it?

Report Connector is a software solution that gives you complete control over report delivery from your web-based CRM system. Salesnet and Salesforce.com are currently supported, others are possible. Contact us with your needs.


With it, you can:

   Generate reports at specific times and/or frequencies

   Automatically email reports to one or more recipients at a specified time/frequency

   Automatically upload reports to an FTP site at a specified time/frequency

   Automatically save reports to a particular file location at a specified time/frequency

What are the benefits?

   Save time and money by eliminating manual report generation and distribution for regular reports

   Streamline data-sharing with internal and external partners

   Improve visibility into your enterprise



Why Report Connector?

Report Connector is an affordable product built specifically to integrate with your web-based CRM platform. It eliminates the need for routine and redundant processes, allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best.


Want to learn more?

Give Keith a call at 617-543-5644 to request a free demo or get more details on how Report Connector can help you streamline your reporting process.



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