Salesnet Local Backup


What is it?

Salesnet Local Backup (SLB) software automatically creates backup copies of all your Salesnet data as Excel spreadsheets.


What SLB does for you:

- Creates automated, routine backups of your Salesnet database

- Exports to Microsoft Excel & Access

From there, you can:

- Audit trail & local data process

- Integrate with in-house systems

- Build custom reports


What Salesnet data does SLB Capture?

·   Core Data: Accounts, Contacts, Deals, etc

·   Extra Information: Tasks, Appointments, Multi-notes, etc

·   Configuration Details: Owners, Positions, Process Definitions, etc


Why SLB?

Salesnet Local Backup is an affordable software product built specifically to integrate with the Salesnet platform. Whether you’re creating offline backups or building custom reports, SLB gives you all the flexibility you need to take control of your data.


Want to learn more?

Give us a call at 617-543-5644 to request a free demo, organization testimonials, or get more details on how Salesnet Local Backup can help you make your Salesnet database work for you.



Data is stored into Excel for easy copy/paste manipulation—even internal Salesnet fields and CDFs are recorded.



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