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Village Software has been a leader in spreadsheet and other data solutions since 1991.  In addition to building much of the embedded template software for Microsoft Office (as well as the competing Lotus and Corel software packages, Village has been pushing the envelope on how to use Office, databases, and reporting tools in small and medium businesses environments.


Village Software offers a broad range of Microsoft Office-based products and Excel spreadsheet solutions.  Ranging from automated forms to advanced planning and reporting solutions, these products all allow businesses to run themselves better.  Village Software spreadsheet products have won numerous awards, included Best of PC World, and have been bestsellers online for over 10 years.


Village Software also publishes a number of leading industry solutions, including MIMOTA (a specialized transaction management and reporting system for non-profits), kiosk and tablet-based customer experience solutions, and vertical solutions supporting the electrical contracting industry.


To satisfy more specialized data management and business automation needs of organizations, Village Software also offers custom professional services.  Our services range from advanced Excel and Office programming to development of wireless reporting modules. We also specialize in, Salesnet CRM implementation, process automation tools, customized database systems, and reporting engines.


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